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Claim your HRD fund with GENBIJAKDOTMY your awesome Team Building + Training Provider. Collaboration lies at the heart of effective teamwork. When individuals come together, leveraging their unique skills and perspectives, they can achieve far greater outcomes than they could on their own. Team building activities create an environment where employees can collaborate, communicate, and foster strong relationships, resulting in improved problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. #TeamBuildingExpert

A full 3 day 2 night Team Building activities for Prasarana Malaysia PRIDE

Adena Beach Resort, Kuantan Pahang | 11-13 Jan 2024

Engage teams in improvisational theater activities or skit challenges. This fosters creativity, communication, and teamwork in a fun and lighthearted environment.

  1. Team Work
  2. team Bonding
  3. Communication
  1. Team Building Activities in Kuala Lumpur: Engage your team with exciting and effective activities in KL, fostering collaboration and teamwork.
  2. Best Team Building Events in KL: Discover the top-rated team-building events in Kuala Lumpur, designed to inspire and unite your team for success.
  3. Corporate Team Building in Kuala Lumpur: Elevate your corporate culture in KL through tailored team-building experiences that enhance communication and productivity.

Each of these activities can be customized to align with the values, goals, and culture of PRIDE Malaysia. With GenBijakdotMy’s expertise, this three-day team-building event promises to strengthen bonds, foster collaboration, and ignite enthusiasm among all participants.


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GENBIJAKdotMy S/B is a Team Building + Training Provider registered with HRD Corp and we focus in providing Training and Team Building activities for Corporate Company. Our program is HRD Corp claimable.

The Team Building & Training is suitable to be attended by everyone in the company.
Corporate team building isn’t just about fostering camaraderie; it’s about cultivating a cohesive and high-performing team that drives results and achieves success. At GenBijakdotMy, we understand the transformative power of effective team building, and we’re here to help you unlock the full potential of your team while fully claiming the benefits.

Investing in corporate team building is not just an expense; it’s an investment in your organization’s most valuable asset – your people. With GenBijakdotMy as your trusted partner, you can elevate your team dynamics, foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, and unlock the full potential of your team. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable team building solutions and unleash the power of teamwork in your organization.

HRD Crop Certificate | Team Building

GENBIJAKdotMy – Training Provider

The course is highly interactive. Participants will be guided through the various steps of the course and will be involved in extensive activities. The course methodology includes;
▪ Trainer’s expertise of 10 years’ experience
▪ Interactive group activities
▪ Sharing of knowledge among participants
▪ Individual/group discussion and exercises
▪ Individual/group public speaking

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